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JNobles Medical Industries will be Donating 10,000 Patented Suction Canister Covers to Healthcare Facilities across America for Covid 19 Patients and other suction patients.

Prior to Covid 19 over 19.1 millions of Americans suffered from different kinds of phobias. Mysophobia is the phobia which we’re concerned for regarding suctioned patients being fearful, shameful and embarrassed of their own bodily fluids within the healthcare industry. We believe that number has increased since Covid 19, this kind of phobia is the one which we want to lessen in healthcare. For, the past six years we’ve standardized our patented healthcare accessory product Dignity Suction Canister covers for suctioned patients. The covers have made an impact to relieve patient’s fear, restore suctioned patient’s dignity and preserve their right to privacy in healthcare. The covers conceal infectious secretions, drainage, bile, blood, and undigested food contents from nonmedical personnel.

JNMI will be donating10,000 pieces of its Dignity Suction Canister Covers (5,000 of item# 1219651and 5,000 of item #1219652) to Covid 19 patients and suctioned patients in healthcare facilities across America. First come, first serve will be the process of fulfillment for each order until 10, 000 pieces are issued out. Orders can be requested through our Special Order Request Form for all new customers only to request either one 12 pack for rehab, home health and skilled nursing home facilities or one 50 pack of our covers for hospitals and specialty rehab facilities (ventilator patients). There is a charge for shipping and handling only.

Our mission starts on September 07, 2021. No third party distributors are allowed to participate in this mission. Healthcare facilities may apply by completing the Special Order Request Form and a response will be generated by JNMI via email.